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From your first questions about hunting to your first time in the field with a friend or mentor, the community at Hunting Camp LIVE will be there with you. We've built a support network of learning tools, people and partner organizations who will help you every step of the way. This is more than an online course. It's a community. And we're ready for you to join us around the campfire and begin your journey to becoming a new hunter!

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Anytime. Anywhere.

We've combined the best of online learning with an active digital community that will support you along the way. From video lessons you can watch anytime, to live webinars and chats in our private social groups. We bring together the best technologies, and traditions to create a learning experience unlike any other.

Lesson One

Lesson One is an introduction from Mark who will be your host for the course. He provides an overview of each lesson, the special guests and what will be covered in each lesson.

Lesson Two

In Lesson Two Mark heads to central Minnesota where he meets with Kyle Daly. Kyle is a wildlife biologist and someone who has a passion for upland birds. He shares insights on five upland birds.

Lesson Three

Mark heads north of the 47th parallel to meet forester Leigh Nietzel and wildlife biologist Bailey Petersen. Scouting and hunting locations is the focus so you'll get comfortable navigating wild spaces.

Lesson Four

What are the gear basics that you need to hunt

upland birds? This is exactly what we cover in this

lesson. Just as important as what you need, is what you don't need to purchase, and we'll cover that too.

Lesson Five

Safety must be considered in all aspects of the hunt. However, just as important as safety are the ethics of a good hunt and we'll cover both in this lesson.

Lesson Six

A primary driver to hunt is the wonderful meals you can share with friends and family. Mark is joined by Chef Lukas and they will cover field dressing, cooking techniques and more.

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